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U.S. Educational Resources
State-by-State Educational Directory
United States Federal Educational Directory

K-12 School Support

Higher Educational Support

Federal Resources
U.S. Department of Education - Parents, Students & Teachers

Grants & Contracts, Budget Calculator, Getting Ready for College Early - Handbook,
      Think College Early
- Students, Parents. Resources to support children/youth during out-of school hours.

Federal Trade Commission, Government Accountability Office, My Child's Academic Success,
      Helping Your Child with Test-Taking, See/Compare Profiles of nearly 7,000 Colleges/Universities.

U.S. Health and Human Services - Protecting the Health of all Americans.

   » Family and Youth Services Bureau - Resources for Young People, Children's Bureau, Head Start Bureau
Early Head Start National Resource Center, Girls Health, Child Welfare Information Gateway.

   » Fatherhood Initiative, National Healthy Marriage Resource Center: Marriage/family trends & education.
      National Institute of Child Health & Human Development - Ensure that every person is born healthy.

U.S. Department, Various Agencies

   » - Government Made Easy, - Consumer Information

   » U.S. Department of State, Federal Trade Commission, Office of Personnel Management,
      Federal Education Association,
National Institute of Standards & Technology,

State Resources

» State Home Page: Education & Training, College & University: State Grant Eligibility, Financial Aid.

   » Government Support: Directory of K-12 Schools/Colleges/Universities, Directory of Public Libraries.

      » Public Support: Advocate organizations, Great Public Schools for Every Child; Parents & Community.

Educational Resources

Educational Papers - Free. Helping to Educate.

   ¤ Preschool Papers - Kindergarten Review - Numbers, Alphabet & Sight Words.
   ¤ Elementary Papers - Sight Words, Counting, Time, Money, Addition/Subtraction/Division/Multiplication.
   ¤ Middle School Papers - English, Reading, Math, History, Science, Social Studies, Art.
   ¤ High School Papers - English, Reading, Math, History, Science, Social Studies, Art.

Educational Web Sites
   ¤ National Educational Associations - National Forums, National PTA, Education Issues, Public Articles.
   ¤ Adult Education Career Resources - Government Jobs: Public, Military. Non-Traditional Education.
   ¤ Educational Testing Resources - Prepare for the SAT, Register for the SAT, About SAT, College Search.
   ¤ Home Schooling & Private Schools - Home Schooling, Charter Schools, Courses & Programs.

» National Educational Associations, Adult Education Careers, Educational Testing, Home/Private Schooling.

   » Homework Help, Ask Dr. Math, Activities, Ask the Teacher, Home Schooling Resources, Books, Crosswords.

Additional Useful Sites

   ¤ Encyclopedia Web Sites - Education & Medical.
   ¤ Educational Game Sites - Parent/Child Trusted Game Sites.
   ¤ Parenting & Family Web Sites - Public & Government Sites.
   ¤ Child Safety Web Sites - Protecting Life, Be/Keep Informed.

   » Smithsonian, Scouting, Girl Scouts, Justice For All, Mobile Tutoring, Global Nonprofit Organization.

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